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Brutally Honest One-Word Descriptions of 12 Ontario Universities

Stereotypes are an inevitable byproduct of school rivalries. Every university in Ontario has been assigned its own set of stereotypes at some point or another, and such stereotypes still persist today; even if they aren't entirely true.

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Last time, we took to Reddit to compile brutally honest descriptions of various Ontario universities via Snapchat. This time, we've compiled one-word descriptions to simplify things even more...

Here are 12 Ontario universities, each brutally described with a single word:

NOTE: These are all just for fun!  Take seriously at your own risk (also check out the Reddit thread here).


It's totally not your fault though, you guys have it rough.

@biba_captures_lifeembedded via


Too much LoL during class, guys.

@tboakeembedded via


"Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by every university in Ontario"

York: *raises hand*

@wrigster_embedded via


Some of y'all have classes at an AMC. That's pretty basic ok ?

@chiaraguidooembedded via


What's plain old blue to everyone else, is "cerulean" to an OCAD student.

@court.geeembedded via


Pretty self-explanatory.

@thilebanembedded via


For real though (never forget 2005) ?

@jals.photographyembedded via


Juuust a tad.

@westernsightsembedded via


That manure though.

@jakeharwudembedded via


St. Catharines can do that to people.

@kenz_k_john225embedded via


Overachievers, all of you!

@effi_1eembedded via

BONUS: Laurier


Cause you guys are too lit (especially at Phil's yo)

@luongstoriesshortembedded via

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