While Toronto is filled with endless activities to explore, it’s their food scene that has been gaining quite the popularity. Diverse, fresh, and innovative; the city’s food scene has something for everyone - which means that it always has something special for you.

From the city’s recent sushi spot Aburi Room to the pink-decorated interior or Oretta, there are various restaurants to add to that food bucket list we know you’ve been tracking. If you don’t know where to start, fret not; we’ve got it all figured it out.

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Tennesse Tavern

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While this Parkdale gem honours the state of Tennessee in its title, the menu that they serve is quite different from the traditional Southern cuisine. With an Eastern European-esque touch to it, Tennessee Tavern offers refreshing classics inside a charming and dim-lit location.


Chubby's Jamaican Kitchen

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This one has been gaining quite the amount of attention - and for all the right reasons. Serving tropical cocktails and delicious Jamaican snacks inside their cozy, light atmosphere; Chubby’s Jamaican Kitchen is a place you need to try.


Fishman Lobster Clubhouse Restaurant

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Alright, so I can’t be the only one looking at these pictures while then instantly searching their website to check the next open reservation. I mean, come on - you see those dishes! Lobster mountains, king crabs, just a couple of casual shark fins. Sounds good to me.


Canoe Restaurant

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With both an exceptional menu and even more exceptional views, Canoe Restaurant is definitely something to add to your food bucket list (even if you may have to save a couple extra bucks in order to fully enjoy all it has to offer *cough* glasses upon glasses of wine *cough*).


La Palma

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Anytime I hear about a restaurant that includes a combination of avocado and toast, I think the door of my house closes so fast it leaves marks. And yes, I totally get that I could, you know - make that at my house, but look at those photos. I am not that good at cooking (sorry Nonna).


Bar Isabel

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With creative, Spanish-influenced plates and a wide enough selection of crafts beers to keep you forever satisfied, Bar Isabel has been gaining quite the spotlight since opening a couple years ago, and if you haven’t already, it’s time to find out why.


Inspire Restaurant

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This one's located in Markham, but it is definitely worth the trek. After one taste at Inspire Restaurant, a modern Asian eatery offering delicious cuisine and beverages, you will want to relocate to this part of the city in order to be closer to the place.


Cafe Cancan

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At Cafe Cancan, you come in for the food, but stay longer for the decor. Located in Harbord Village, this adorable French bistro not only serves a delicious, satisfying menu, but is also recognized for their stunning interior and exterior.


Aburi Room

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This one is relatively new, but it definitely knows how to make an entrance. Serving flame-seared sushi and a menu that will make you forget that Spring Sushi ever existed, Aburi Room should be at the top of your foodie bucket list.



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Located in the city’s Entertainment District, Alo is a stylish restaurant with a minimalist, tasteful menu. With the scenery it adapts due to its location atop a Victorian building, the spot could be the perfect place to eat and plan before you go celebrity-chasing this week during TIFF.



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Situated on the beautiful King West, Oretta serves traditional Italian dishes inside a not-so traditional location. Surrounded by a striking decor of light colours and stunning designs, the restaurant captivates customers with both their food and their atmosphere. And if dinner food isn’t on your mind, then you can also check out the space’s small-bites cafe.


360 The Restaurant At The CN Tower

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When locals think of the best places to eat, the 360 Restaurant doesn’t exactly come to mind. In fact, I’m sure a lot of people don’t consider the CN Tower restaurant to be the absolute best place for the authentic Toronto food experience, but, I come on - there’s no way you can beat that view.


Early Bird Coffee And Kitchen

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Located on the always entertaining Queen West, Early Bird Coffee and Kitchen is so much more than just a typical coffee shop. With a wide selection of breakfast dishes to choose from such as their famous avocado toast that comes designed in the shape of a rose, this epic eatery is the perfect place for both a satisfying bite and your daily dose of caffeine.


Daldongnae Korean BBQ

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Set further up on Yonge Street, in the neighbourhood of North York, Daldongnae Korean BBQ is definitely known for offering guests a different dining experience. Set in a bustling destination and graced with late hours, you are able to get massive portions of traditional grilled meats and noodles that will probably fill you up for days to come.


Fuwa Fuwa Japanese Pancakes

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Did somebody say FLUFFY?! *Cue that one scene from Despicable Me.* At Fuwa Fuwa Japanese Pancakes, an adorable little nook on Bloor Street, there’s a huge chance you may taste some of the fluffiest, most perfect pancakes ever. A big statement, I know, but I take pancakes very seriously.


Kyoto House

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Okay, so I’m sure a lot of you will be confused as to why I included this one. Truth is, there may be sushi restaurants better than this one (honestly, I’m sure of it), but my love for Kyoto House is just as real as the others. Always fresh, satisfying, and reasonably priced, this all-you-can-eat spot is a go-to for all you new university students.


Gusto 101

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My Nonna always tells me that there’s quite a difference between Northern Italians and Southern Italians, and from what I’ve personally experienced - Southern Italians really know how to cook (and yell and drink). At Gusto 101, a traditional Italian restaurant serving traditional Southern Italian meals, you’ll get to experience that for yourself, too.


Bar Raval

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Like it’s sibling restaurant Bar Isabel, Bar Raval is a delicious, Spanish-inspired restaurant with an epic menu of Spanish tapas. A space that serves their food inside a stunning decor, both Bar Isabel and Bar Raval have to be on your bucket list.


Richmond Station

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Located on - you guessed it - Richmond Street West, this stylish and delicious eatery is co-owned by Carl Heinrich, a winner on one of the seasons of Top Chef Canada. If that information is still not enough to make you want to check out this tasteful-guaranteed restaurant, than perhaps consider their large selection of wines and draft beers.


Harbour Sixty Steakhouse

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Nestled in the city’s south core, this steakhouse restaurant is considered to be one of the best steak-serving places in the area. With delicious prime rib and additional dishes of seafood-heavy options, Harbour 60 Steakhouse is guaranteed to be a top bucket list destination.


La Banane

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Yes, that is always-will-be-Izzie-Stevens Katherine Heigl standing in the doorway of this stylish, Ossington Avenue restaurant. An eatery that serves French-influenced cuisine inside a minimalist setting, the food at La Banane really is something you have to experience while in Toronto.


Aloette Restaurant

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Spelt relatively the same as it’s sister restaurant Alo, Aloette is an evokingly chic diner and serves a series of Canadian comfort food. With options such as hamburgers and tomato salad, you wouldn’t expect both the interior and taste to be so upscale, but Aloette manages to find the perfect balance.



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An all-you-can-eat Japanese BBQ restaurant, Gyubee’s new location in Downtown Toronto is stirring up quite the foodie appraisal. With the restaurant committed to providing high quality and fresh ingredients upon large portions, the eatery provides both the best of quality and quantity.


Le Notre Bistro

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Le Notre Bistro is an upscale restaurant nestled on a small corner along Manning Avenue in the neighbourhood of Toronto’s Little Italy. Serving traditional French dishes and select wines in quite the romantic setting, Le Notre Bistro is also recognized for paying tribute to the diversity of the community.


Hawthorne Food & Drink

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Located in the heart of downtown along Richmond Street, Hawthorne Food and Drink is a bright local eatery serving ‘Farm-to-Fork City Food’ through sustainable and seasonal ingredients. Due to this, their menus perpetually change; and with inspiration from the farms of Ontario, you know that the food at Hawthorne is as fresh and delicious as they come.