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A GTA City Is Now Banning Large Car Parades During Lockdown

Burlington says people should be staying home.

As the provincial lockdown continues, the City of Burlington is introducing new regulations to public gatherings. In a press release, the City has announced that it would be banning the large drive-by parades that have become popular across the province. Burlington's parade ban will prohibit gatherings of five cars or more at a time. 

In a statement posted on Thursday, the City announced that while parades have become morale boosters for hospital workers, they are also not following social distancing rules. "Some of these have grown significantly in size, duration and frequency," Burlington warned in the press release. "We need to find a way to support them in a controlled and legal manner."Halton Region Public Health also stated that they do not encourage these celebrations to continue, as they may increase the likelihood of transmitting COVID-19. 

Due to this, the City of Burlington has announced that any car parade that takes place with more than five vehicles is going against the provincial emergency orders. Residents are also being reminded that at this time that it is best to stay home as much as possible and only go out for essential reasons.

However, car parades have become the new norm in Ontario when helping to celebrate healthcare workers, birthdays and important milestones. 

At the beginning of April, a celebration made headlines after a dozen vehicles drove by a Burlington teenager's house to help celebrate the fact that she was now cancer-free. 

Now, the City is also asking residents to get creative when it comes to appreciating others during social distancing. "We encourage our community to continue to find alternative ways to celebrate and come together while staying apart, in adherence with provincial emergency orders and public health advice, such as Zoom parties, or charitable donations in the individual’s name," says their website.

The province has been banning groups and large events in attempts to help flatten the curve over the past few months. 

Police have also been blitzing streets and popular parks to ensure that residents continue to keep their distance during the pandemic.