Canadians love their java, and it shows in the numbers.

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In a recent study conducted by Euromonitor, several countries were assessed for the average amount of coffee that is consumed in litres per capita. Canada ranked third with 152.1 L per capita, being beaten by only the Netherlands which came first with 184.9 L per capita, and Finland which came second with 260.4 L per capita.

Here are the top 10 highest coffee-consuming countries in the world:

1. Netherlands - 260.4 litres per capita

2. Finland - 184.9 litres per capita

3. Canada - 152.1 litres per capita

4. Sweden - 141.9 litres per capita

5. Germany - 129.2 litres per capita

6. Slovenia - 126.3 litres per capita

7. Dominican Republic - 119.5 litres per capita

8. Norway - 115.8 litres per capita

9. U.S. - 115.2 litres per capita

10. Slovakia - 111.1 litres per capita

Many Canadians blame their coffee addiction on the long periods of cold weather in the north. With several of them integrating coffee into their daily routines, it's becoming a year-round beverage in Canada.

You can find this study and other coffee-related studies on Euromonitor's website.

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