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Canada Is Ranked One Of The Best Places To Go To If The World Ends

Here's a unique (and rather grave) ranking  - in a past report by Business Insider, a Canadian location was included in a list of the best places to go to... if the world is ending.

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The list was clearly inspired by current events happening around the globe. With Trump becoming president, tensions between global superpowers like the US and Russia, the rise of the Islamic State and world approaching a 1-degree increase in average temperature because of man-made climate change, they thought it might be worth determining which places around the world people could rely on as "fortresses of stability, safety and prosperity".

The locations they chose are as follows:

  1. Iceland
  2. Tristan da Cunha
  3. Guam
  4. Chiang Mai
  5. Denver
  6. Antarctica
  7. Puncak Jaya
  8. Capetown
  9. Bern
  10. Necker Island
  11. Tierra del Fuego
  12. Yukon
  13. Kansas City
  14. Isle of Lewis

That's right, Canada's western-most territory is a top contender. Apparently, because of its large reserves of forest, wildlife and precious metals, it's a place that is likely to thrive under post-apocalyptic conditions. Here's more on what they had to say about the Yukon:

The Yukon is the westernmost of Canada's federal territories. It is sparsely populated, and these days the economy is heavily dependent on the government and tourism. But if things fall apart, the area is certainly capable of sustaining small, thriving communities. There is plenty of wildlife for hunting and trapping, which will be very important in the early years after a global catastrophe when farming is not really a viable option.

As civilization rebuilds itself, the area's rare-metal mining will be a boon. Lots of rivers mean you'll be able to get around easily.

The weather is harsh, especially in winter. So bring a warm coat. And if you are on your own in the wilderness, you'll have to be especially careful of bears.

Good to know!

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