One of the perks of living in the Northern hemisphere is the anticipation we feel when snow hits the ground, and we can get away for the weekend to ski or snowboard. While the picturesque ski resorts, fresh outdoor air and cozy ambiance generally make it all worth-while...that's all soon forgotten when you get hungry af.

How many times have you been stuck waiting for the chairlift, and your stomach starts growling at you something fierce. You could go inside, take off all your equipment and snowsuit etc, but ain't no one got time for that! If only there was like some kind of burger patrol, to conveniently bring you warm food without you having to move.

Well that's exactly what A&W thought, when they hit the slopes of Lake Louise, Alberta recently with their very own “Burger Patrol” to “rescue” hungry mountain enthusiasts in desperate need of refueling.

Unsuspecting skiers and snowboarders were definitely happy to see A&W’s dedicated burger ambassador, Ryan, in the middle of runs handing out fresh, hot burgers. The A&W Burger Patrol was accompanied by Martin, a St-Bernard dog, whose barrel normally containing conventional safety equipment was instead stocked with a piping hot Teen Burger. So cute.

They were also equipped to handle any food “emergency” with a little help from a giant 6-foot-tall takeout bag on a sled!

Don't worry, the awesome stunt took place under the helpful watch of resort staff, and the actual ski patrol was always at the ready to intervene if any real emergencies ever popped-up. The unexpected burger delivery also gave a few snowboarders a chance to showoff a new grab mid-trick on the hill.

We're not sure what's next for "Burger Patrol", but this seriously needs to become a thing.

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