Some Guy In Toronto Finally Got A Canada Post Package 8 Years After He Ordered It (VIDEO)

A man is claiming his hair cream arrived almost a decade late.
Canada Post Package Reportedly Arrived At Toronto Man's Doorstep 8 Years Later

If you've ordered anything online, it's possible that you've experienced a delay or two. However, one Toronto man is claiming the ultimate mail hold-up. Elliot Berinstein says a Canada Post package arrived on his doorstep eight years after he ordered it. 

The missing package was delivered to Berinstein last week, nearly a decade late, according to a post on Reddit.

In the post, the receiver claims that he ordered a tube of "Brylcreem" back in 2012 from Well, which never arrived at his home. 

However, it looks as if his package wasn't forgotten forever, as he was finally delivered the parcel in 2020. 

"So, I received a package from last week and was very confused since I did not order anything from them. Upon opening the package, I realized it was a tube of Brylcream I ordered in 2012," read the post. 

As for the state of the product? The post stated that it wasn't in the best condition. 

"The contents of the tube are yellow, and I'm pretty sure it is supposed to be white."

"My theory it was sitting at Canada Post, and they finally decided to deliver it after 8 years," the post concluded.

According to CTV, Berinstein states that he originally ordered the product when he lived in Ottawa, but never received it. 

Well agreed to re-ship the product to his home in Toronto, but it never arrived. 

Berinstein claims that the product only cost $5 at the time, so he simply forgot about the failed shipment until it arrived at his door. 

Narcity reached out to Canada Post for further comment about the issue. 

"We are currently investigating this matter. This is certainly a unique situation and we can only speculate at this point as to what may have happened," the Crown corporation stated. 

While eight years seems a bit extreme for a shipment, Canada Post has announced that people should expect delays on their packages if they were ordered more recently.  

The announcement comes after the postal operator stated that they are dealing with an "unprecedented" amount of deliveries. 

Patrick John Gilson
Patrick John Gilson was a Creator with Narcity Media focused on Ontario gas prices and is based in Toronto, Ontario.