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Canada Ranked The 3rd Most Sleep-Deprived Country In The World

A study reveals Canadians aren't catching enough Z's.
Canada Ranked The 3rd Most Sleep-Deprived Country In The World

Nearly a third of Canada's total population isn't getting enough sleep, a new study by Aviva finds.

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In a ranking of 13 countries, Canada is the third most sleep-deprived country, tying with the US and just falling behind the UK and Ireland. The study also found a correlation between sleep-deprivation and lack of exercise - about 57% of women and 48% of men who are sleep-deprived also claimed to feel too tired to engage in physical activity.

As much as 33% of middle-aged men receive only four to six hours of sleep, according to the Canadian Men's Health Foundation. Aviva's medical director Dr. Doug Wright believes that late-night television is a significant reason for such.

You can access more information on the study here.


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