It's almost the most romantic time of the year, and if you've been thinking of taking your date somewhere super dreamy, you may not have to go far. Ontario is full of charming spots to sweep your date off their feet. If you're living in the 6ix and are hoping to impress your Valentine or meet someone special, then you're in the right place. Canada's most romantic cities have been revealed, and Toronto has made the cut!

Toronto is well known for its esteemed restaurants, amazing attractions, and killer sports teams, but now it has a new claim to fame.

Amazon Canada released a list of the top 20 romantic cities in Canada, and Toronto came in second.

It looks like love is in the air in the 6ix, and with so many dreamy spots to visit around the city, we're not surprised.

The press release noted that "the No. 2 and No. 3 spots go to Toronto and Yellowknife showing that even in the coldest parts of Canada, things are steaming up."

The cities were selected based on sales data from the past year. Amazon looked at purchases of jewellery, romance novels, romantic comedies, and sexual wellness products.

The top-selling romantic item across Canada this year was jewellery.

This year, 14 cities made the rankings that were not included in last year's list.

Five other spots in Ontario are included in the roundup, so you can feel the love no matter where you live.

North York, Ottawa, Pembroke, and Kingston are all brand new to the list this year.

Burlington has ranked once more as one of the country's most romantic spots.

Fort McMurray, Alberta, has ranked first on the list, a title that was held by Victoria, B.C. for the last seven years.

Enjoy Valentine's day in one of Canada's most romantic spots this year and enjoy some of the charming things Toronto has to offer.