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You Can Ride Canada’s Wonderland Rollercoasters Before Anyone Else Next Month

Thrill-seekers, it's your time to shine! The countdown to Canada's Wonderland opening its doors for the season for another year is nearing the end. But there's a special surprise in store for season pass holders. On April 24, CW is hosting a sneak preview night, meaning you'll be able to enjoy your favourite rides before the busy days of summer.

From 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. that Friday night, the park will open up for a fun night of adventure, great-tasting food, and thrilling excitement.

Attendees are able to roam the park and go on the rides they want, except for the splash park.

So, this is an opportunity to get in a night of thrill-seeking with no lines or swelling crowds to bring you down.

All you need is to have a season pass and you're set.

If you're feeling left out and think it might be too late to join, don't stress. You're still able to purchase a pass before April 24 to take part in the sneak peek.

Regular passes are available on the Wonderland website. They're currently going for $95 for new passes or $76 for renewals.

Just bear in mind that, with the way the Ontario weather is looking, it may still very well be cold. 

Being a pass holder doesn't just mean having early entry, though. You can also get discounts on tickets, food and merch. The CW site lists all the benefits of having a pass.

Although the park officially opens on May 1, pass holders have the chance to skip all those major lines and try out rides before the summer season starts for one night only.

For Splash Works, the area opens on May 23.

If you love Canada's Wonderland, they also announced in January they were looking to hire for the upcoming season.

Working at one of your favourite places in the world might not seem like such a bad idea.

Besides opening during the summer season, CW also hosts a terrifying Halloween Haunt and whimsical Winter Fest, too.

These are perks the season pass holders can also hit up for free or at a discounted price.

Maybe you'll finally get a chance to ride the Yukon Striker, because those normal lineups can be pretty hard to get through at times.

So, now you know. A night of fun awaits!

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