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Canadian Government On Track To Build 39-Minute Speed Train Between Toronto And Montreal

Transport Canada is now launching a study into Hyperloop, which is a "new intercity transportation concept".

It looks like we're one step closer to getting a high-speed train that would allow for much faster travel between cities in Canada. The Canadian government is now on track to build a 39-minute speed train between Toronto and Montreal. They are now looking into Hyperloop, which is a "new intercity transportation concept", according to Transport Canada's Request For Proposal

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This Hyperloop idea focuses on extremely high-speed trains that would significantly reduce travel times from city to city. "Promoters are engineering the design to provide travellers with a travel mode featuring very high speeds, fixed guideways above and below ground, and capsule like vehicles called pods propelled within a network of looped sealed partial-vacuum tubes," reads the RPF.

For instance, Virgin Hyperloop One, which is a transportation technology company that is working on making these high-speed trains a reality, proposed hyperloop trains that would take only 39 minutes to get from Toronto to Montreal and 27 minutes to travel from Toronto to Ottawa.

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Transport Canada is now officially commissioning a study into the technology. This means that Canada is now one step closer to getting high-speed trains that would result in much less travel time.  

A Hyperloop between Toronto, Ottawa, & Montreal could transform Canada's commitment to infrastructure investment. https://t.co/emZARWk5UI

August 28, 2017

Transport Canada issued a tender on March 27, 2019, and revealed that it is looking into the hyperloop concept. In the tender, Transport Canada said the following: 

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"Transport Canada is requesting Professional Services for a transportation consultants to evaluate two critical Hyperloop claims:

  1. The Hyperloop concept can be transformed into a viable technology that is safe for passengers and the communities where the tubes traverse, and.
  2. The Hyperloop technology cost is comparable or is significantly more affordable than conventional High Speed Rail systems or developing Maglev technologies." 

Hyperloop technology is currently being developed by various North American companies, including American firm Virgin Hyperloop One and Canadian companyTranspod. However, the idea has not made it out of the prototyping and testing stage and there has yet to be a hyperloop train system that is running. 

"With Hyperloop, a trip between Toronto and Ottawa could be reduced to 27 minutes, Montreal to Ottawa in 12 minutes, and Toronto to Montreal in 39 minutes," reads a blog post from Virgin Hyperloop One.

"Unlike air transport or even high-speed rail, Hyperloop makes the journey from city-center to city-center and enables direct, on-demand connections between the cities."

A few years ago back in 2016, Hyperloop One named Toronto to Montreal as the winning cities where the company would want to build the world's first ever hyperloop train system.