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There's Only One Canadian Player In The NBA Finals And He Isn't Even In The Game

This is the first time that a Canadian team has made it to the NBA finals, which means with every game we are making history. Despite this big Canadian victory, there is a shockingly low number of Canadians actually out on the court. In fact, Canadian NBA players are actually a definitive minority at tonight's game and in this final series as a whole. 

Out of both the Golden State Warriors and the Toronto Raptors, there is only one Canadian player and that would be Chris Boucher. Surprisingly, in his short NBA career, Boucher has managed to play for both of these teams, starting with the Warriors in 2017 before being traded to the Raptors in 2018. This experience with the opposing team is usually an asset but unfortunately for the Raptors, and for all of Canada, Boucher isn't even playing tonight. 

In fact, Chris Boucher hasn't played a game for the Raptors since April 9, due to back spasms. That means that the one and only true Canadian isn't on the court for tonight's game. Fortunately, the rest of the team is doing an amazing job representing our country but its definitely a different sense of national pride. 

Nonetheless, Chris Boucher is still inspiring Canadians with his basketball career, especially in his hometown of Montreal, where he got his start at the local YMCA. 

Just this week, CTV reported that "he’s inspiring a group of young basketball players in his Quebec hometown." They say that some of those young players are in a Junior NBA international tournament and are hoping to represent Canada in the championships in June. 

CTV reports that Boucher playing for a team that's also in the championships has helped to encourage these young boys in Quebec, where he grew up. 

Boucher may be the only Canadian player on the team, but even he wasn't born here. While Boucher moved to Canada when he was only five months old, the Raptors center was actually born in Saint Lucia. On top of that, he attended college in the US at the University of Oregan. Despite all this there is no denying it, Chris Boucher is a Canadian star and inspiration. 

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