Canadians Across The Country Are Protesting Justin Trudeau's New Carbon Tax

Canada's new carbon tax is being met with protests, petitions and backlash across the country.
Toronto Staff Writer
Canadians Across The Country Are Protesting Justin Trudeau's New Carbon Tax

The federal government’s new carbon tax may have been implemented with the best of intentions, but the repercussions have many Canadians up in arms. Canada's new carbon tax, which is being enforced under the hope that it will reduce greenhouse emissions and give companies incentive to reduce their pollution levels, has faced national scrutiny due to its effect on gas prices.

According to federal figures, the tax will result in an estimated rise of 4.42 cents a litre for gasoline, 5.37 cents for home heating fuel, 3.91 cents per cubic metre for natural gas and finally 3.10 cents per litre for propane.

This past weekend, a gathering of protesters assembled outside of Parliament Hill to protest the tax. Canadians from all walks of life spoke to the crowd, arguing that the carbon tax would hurt middle-class families across the nation.

There's even a petition on the Ontario PC website called "Stop Trudeau's Carbon Tax".  The description reads, "A Carbon Tax is not an Environment Plan. It’s a tax. And where that money ends up… no one knows. Ontario’s plan will fight climate change without imposing a regressive, job-killing carbon tax on the people of our province. We know that a Carbon Tax is not the only way to fight climate change."

Stop the Carbon Tax is the message from more than 100 people on the steps of Parliament Hill - mostly Conservative supporters fed up with what they call needless and reckless taxes. Environment Minister ⁦@cathmckenna⁩ responds tonight ⁦

March 23, 2019

Panic sets in as Canadians across the country prepare to be completely hammered with a 10 cent hike in gas prices, along with everything else, tomorrow as the Liberals carbon tax scam kicks in.

March 31, 2019

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Unsurprisingly, Conservative leaders also showed up at protests around the country to push back against the Liberal Party’s latest effort to fight climate change. Conservative MP Stephanie Kusie came all the way from Calgary to speak at the rally about how Albertans have been affected by the current state of the provincial and federal government.

So today the #carbontax is taking affect all across Canada. Already the air smells fresher and nature seems cleaner then yesterday. Oh wait, that’s the lie @cathmckenna told us. In reality this is just a scam that will destroy the economy and make us less competitive. #cndpoli

April 1, 2019

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe, who is scheduled to attend the “Regina Rally Against the Carbon Tax” this Thursday, also spoke on the issue:

"We continue at the moment in this nation to be having the wrong conversation about how to tax our residents and tax our industries as opposed to actually making a difference when it comes to reducing our emissions and sequestering carbon,” stated Moe according to CBC.

In a strong rebuttal to the outpour of criticism, Canada's Minister of the Environment pointed out that the Conservative Party has yet to suggest an alternate approach to reducing the country’s carbon footprint and continuing to protect the environment.

Wake up Canada!!! It's time to rally together for a change!!! rt if you agree!!!

March 30, 2019

 “It is a ‘small c’ conservative idea that works. The first person to put a price on pollution, in Canada was Brian Mulroney, to tackle acid rain.” said McKenna. “It shouldn’t be a partisan issue. Everyone should be coming together to take action on climate change, and using smart policy tools, like putting a price on pollution,” responded Minister Catherine McKenna according to CTV.

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The battle for environmental protection and its toll on affordable living for Canadians is a pressing issue; it’s hard to say what the right the decision would be, as both appear to have dire consequences.

Patrick John Gilson
Toronto Staff Writer
Patrick John Gilson is a Staff Writer for Narcity Canada’s Ontario Desk focused on Ontario gas prices and is based in Toronto, Ontario.