Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders And The British Want Free Movement Between Their Countries

A recent survey shows that a majority of people support the idea.
Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders And The British Want Free Movement Between Their Countries

A new article published by The Telegraph indicates that a majority of people from the "Canzuk" countries (Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK) are in favour of entering a union together.

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The main intention of the article was to elucidate that Britons, despite the whole Brexit situation, aren't entirely opposed to free movement; they just don't want it with the European Union. To emphasize this point, the article mentions a survey conducted by the Royal Commonwealth Society which found a three to one support in the UK for completely free movement between the Canzuk countries. Support was even greater in the other three countries: five to one in Canada, seven to one in Australia and eight to one in New Zealand.

While it may be good news to hear that a majority of Britons are in favour of a Canzuk union, their significantly different regard for Canzuk citizens versus those of EU countries sheds light on their rather discriminatory attitude towards various immigration policies.

In a 2011 report by YouGov entitled "British Attitudes Towards the UK's International Priorities", survey participants were presented a list of countries and asked which ones they felt most favourable towards. The results indicated a 48 per cent favourability towards Australians, 47 per cent favourability towards New Zealanders and 44 per cent favourability towards Canadians. Such ratings are drastically higher than those found for major EU states: countries like the Netherlands and Sweden teetered on a low 24 and 23 per cent respectively, while others like Ireland mustered an even measlier score of 18 per cent.

One concern that stems from this issue is that new global tensions could arise if a Canzuk union actually pulled through. So, as thrilled as Canadians may be to hear that Britons don't have any major problem with them, there still exists the slight possibility that they may gain a negative reputation among other countries solely because of their association to Britain.

It's okay though. The free travel would make it all worth it... Right?

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