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Cancel Your Plans, It's Going To Stay Bitterly Cold In Ontario All Week Long

Don't expect temperatures warmer than -10C ❄️
Cancel Your Plans, It's Going To Stay Bitterly Cold In Ontario All Week Long

Get the fire ready, huddle close to your family and make a big pot of hot chocolate: extremely cold weather is settling in and it's going to challenge your limits for the final week of December. 

Extreme cold warnings popped up across the province on Boxing Day, and earlier this morning, some areas of the province woke up to wind chill values of -40°C or below. Right now, almost the entire province of Ontario is dealing with temperatures worthy of an extreme cold weather alert.

According to the Weather Network, you can thank something called the Polar Vortex for the bone-chillingly cold temperatures. It's a large area of low pressure and cold air surrounding both of the Earth's poles. While it always exists near the poles, for Canada, it weakens in the summer and strengthens (a lot) in the winter.

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To coincide with the vortex, snow squalls in the Greater Toronto Area will also bring the potential to produce up to 2 cm of snow across the region on Wednesday morning. Preliminary forecasts suggest that another system could also move into southern Ontario on Thursday overnight into Friday. So don't expect this bitter cold to go anywhere anytime soon. 

The frigid weather will dominate the final week of 2017, with daytime high temperatures struggling to reach -10°C most days, and feeling even colder with the windchill. 

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As for New Year's Eve and New Years Day, well, you may want to rethink that mini skirt. A blast of arctic air straight from Siberia will produce freezing cold temperatures will continue into the first several days of 2018. The good news? The frigid weather is expected to relax in the second week of January.

Bundle up, everyone. 

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