Pot-Related ER Visits Are Feared To Rise As Edibles Hit Shelves Across Ontario Today

Doctors are warning you to watch your cannabis consumption.
Pot-Related ER Visits Are Feared To Rise As Edibles Hit Shelves Across Ontario Today

On the surface, cannabis edibles may seem like a natural alternative to getting stoned. With edibles hitting the shelves in stores across Ontario today, many residents may be trying out the substance for the first time. However, Toronto health officials are now warning people not to underestimate the hazards of THC-infused snacks.

According to Dr. Lawrence Loh, a professor at the University of Toronto, overconsuming cannabis edibles often leads to a trip to the emergency room.

While many do not associate overdoses with cannabis, it is possible to do so. Overdosing is a real danger for anyone who is unaware that getting high by ingesting can take several hours.

CTV reported that if you were to eat a package of cannabis-infused products, you might be taking in as much 100 milligrams of THC, which is enough to overwhelm even the most veteran of pot-lovers.

Health experts are recommending that people educate themselves and take things slow when eating pot candies to avoid a rise in pot-related ER visits.

"I think the big thing for anyone in the public, especially cannabis-naive individuals or people who have edibles around with children at home, is to first and foremost avoid overdosing," Loh said.

Overdosing on edibles is no joke either — you won’t just get sleepy.

"There are psychotic reactions so people may lose touch with reality, sometimes in the form of hallucinations or delusions and also anxiety or panic attacks along with decreased judgment,” he added.

Canadian edibles officially became legal to buy on Tuesday, December 17, 2019.

However, a province-wide shortage pushed back the product’s availability until January 6, 2020; however, even now pot-infused edibles are limited.

Ontario Cannabis Store also announced last week that they have reduced the price of 50 different marijuana products to compete with the province's still flouring illegal pot market.

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