While Cardi B has been riding the hype ever since she dropped Bodak Yellow in 2017, it seems that Toronto EDM fans aren’t the biggest supporters of the Bronx rapper at the moment. Although Cardi B has found herself in controversy before surrounding transphobia and her husband Offset’s cheating scandals, this situation instead has everything to do with her upcoming performance at Toronto’s VELD music festival in August.

It all started when Cardi B leaked how much money she receives per show. The leaks showed payments ranging from $300,000 to as high as $900,000 depending on the type of set and venue/event, ET Canada reports. Included in the list was how much she would be getting paid to play Toronto’s EDM festival VELD, where the information claimed she would be receiving a whopping $500,000 at the very minimum.

Naturally, many fans were shocked at how much Cardi would be receiving, considering that performance figures aren’t typically released for the public to see. While the number alone, of course, prompted outrage and frustration, there were also many fans who were angered beyond just the rate itself.

Considering that VELD is known as an EDM festival that features electronic music, many fans found it frustrating that a rapper would be receiving that much money. Many fans claimed the money could have gone towards bringing more DJs to VELD instead. They believe the decision by VELD’s organizers is sabotaging the festival as they continue to allow more and more non-electronic artists on the lineup with each new festival year.

 Word quickly spread about the situation to local EDM pages including a Facebook group where people were especially candid about their feelings on how much money was spent on Cardi to perform at VELD: 

Surprisingly though, this isn’t the first issue Cardi has faced regarding this festival in specific. When the lineup was first announced, a petition was launched to take her off the lineup.

The creator of the petition, Michael Tanti, claims his request is in light of VELD needing to “condemn this type of behaviour,” in reference to Cardi’s admittance of drugging and robbing victims when she had been an adult dancer. The petition has since received over 1200 signatures. 

While it’s clear many festival-goers are frustrated, Cardi will still be taking the stage at VELD this upcoming August. Though considering the number of people who have aired out their concerns, it will be interesting to see if VELD limits the amount of non-electronic acts they include on the lineup next year.

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