If you can appreciate a good night’s sleep (and let’s face it, who can’t?), then you will definitely appreciate this…

Casper (no, I’m not talking about everyone’s favourite ghost!) has officially opened their second Canadian retail store in the heart of downtown Toronto, on Queen Street. Not only is the shop a sleep lover's paradise, but it'll also be home to Casper's first Canadian headquarters come the new year.

Plus, let's just say that the brand new store is totally repping the 6ix. Thanks to local artist Kellen Hatanaka, this Casper location will be sporting one seriously gorgeous and locally created mural!

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Casper is a global sleep company, and although it sounds very ordinary at first, their real unique feature is that all of their mattresses, aside from being incredibly comfortable and affordable, all come in boxes that are easy to transport and make the entire unpacking experience a lot more enjoyable.

Since their launch in 2014, Casper has expanded their product line to feature everything needed for your ideal sleep environment like pillows, bedding and even furniture.

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Not only has Casper become a leader in the mattress in a box industry (one that has increased in popularity with the use of social media and exceptional customer service), but they have also made it easier for Canadians to shop by providing direct mattress shipping right to your door. 

To draw even more attention, Casper’s use of humour, iconic illustrations and witty captions have made the brand truly memorable. Just take one look at their Instagram and you’ll notice how truly unique and down to earth the brand really is!

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On top of that, Casper truly believes that great sleep is the key to living a great life which is why their engineering team works hard to innovate and refine every single product before it hits your bedroom. After all, sleep plays an important role in your physical health and can affect things such as concentration and productivity.

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It’s important to get your hands on a mattress that has your back (literally and figuratively). That’s why you need to check out the new Casper Sleep Shop in downtown Toronto!

The Casper Sleep Shop is located at 342 Queen West, and is open from 11 AM - 8 PM Monday-Saturday and 12PM - 7PM on Sundays.

For more information on Casper, check out their website and visit them on Instagram and Facebook too!