12 Two-Bedroom Rentals In & Around Toronto That Are Just $850 Each Per Month

These two-bedroom homes still offer plenty of bang for your buck.
Cheap Apartments For Rent In Toronto That Are Just $850 Per Person

You don't always need to break your bank to live in the 6ix. There are plenty of cheap apartments for rent in Toronto and the surrounding areas. So grab a friend to live with, and check out these two-bedroom spots for just $850 a person. 

According to Powered By Orange, Toronto is the most expensive city to live in Canada, and its surrounding areas don’t offer much relief.

The average price of a home in the GTA is now a whopping $921,000, which marks a 239.9% increase in price to what the real estate market looks like just 20 years ago.

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Padmapper also reports that the 6ix also has the top cost for one-bedroom apartments at $2,070 a month per unit.

So, if you’re looking to live for cheap, finding a friend to live with might be the best option. 

Yet, it’s not all doom and gloom in and around the city.

You can still find decently priced places that aren’t total dumps, you just have to bust out the magnifying glass.

Downtown 2-Bedroom 

Price: $1,700

Address: 701 Dupont St., Toronto, ON

Description: A gorgeous and spacious two-bedroom basement located in Toronto's downtown core.

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Furnished Basement

Price: $1,700

Address: Melrose St., Etobicoke, ON

Description: A beautifully furnished and bright basement apartment.

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Etobicoke Home

Price: $1,550

Address: 99 Smithwood Dr., Etobicoke, ON

Description: A large basement apartment with plenty of windows to let in the natural light.

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Garden Home

Price: $1,700

Address: 20 Bush Dr., Scarborough, ON

Description: A well-lit basement apartment that offers plenty of greenery and plant life in its backyard

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Back Unit Bungalow 

Price: $1,700

Address: 11 Feeney Ave., Scarborough, ON

Description: A unique split-level bungalow with a gourmet kitchen area.

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Two-Bedroom Basement 

Price: $1,650

Address: 431 Brimorton Dr., Scarborough, ON

Description: A two-bedroom basement apartment that offers plenty of space.

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Bright Basement Apartment

Price: $1,550

Address: 92 Maytree Ave., Whitchurch-Stouffville, ON

Description: A basement apartment located close to downtown Stouffville that offers ample sunlight.

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Newmarket Multi-Unit

Price: $1,395

Address: 218 Silverbirch Dr., Newmarket, ON

Description: A cheap rentable starter home suitable for any young family.

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Two-Bedroom Home

Price: $1,700

Address: Third St., Etobicoke, ON

Description: An affordable two-bedroom that gives you access to an entire house.

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Detached House Apartment 

Price: $1,600

Address: 6 Norhead Ave., Scarborough, ON

Description: A full-sized basement apartment with on-site laundry and a private entrance.

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Scarborough Apartment 

Price: $1,550

Address:64 Windrush Tr., Scarborough, ON

Description: A standard basement apartment for an unbeatable price.

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Modern East York Apartment

Price: $1,591

Address: 510 Dawes Rd., East York, ON

Description: A stunning, modern apartment building located in East-York.

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Patrick John Gilson
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