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6 Cheap Houses For Sale Near Toronto That Are Perfect For First-Time Buyers

Time to leave the renting world behind!

If you've been on the hunt for your first home, you've probably noticed the steep real estate prices around Toronto. Luckily, there are lots of charming spots just outside the city that don't come with such a hefty price tag. Start packing your bags and move into one of these cheap houses near Toronto that are ideal for first-time buyers.

You can leave the renting world behind by purchasing one of these affordable spots

These houses are the perfect size for single buyers or small families and have price points to match.

Many spots are newly renovated and move-in ready, and you can add some personal touches to make them truly your own.

You can find one-bedroom homes for the single homeowner, or multi-bedroom spots for families.

While living in Toronto is often not an option if you're looking to save money, these homes are just outside the city, so you can still commute or visit.

Currently, housing prices within Toronto are on a decline, but the cheaper prices aren't expected to last for long, so you might want to start packing your bags. 

Start planning the decor for your very first home and get ready to move into these affordable spots.

Skylight Bungalow

Price: $299,900

Address: 32 Division St., Hamilton, ON

Description: With a kitchen skylight and fenced in yard, this two-bedroom home is a perfect starter-spot.

[image 5eb450e59c0fbd1f7bd25672]

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Spacious Family Home

Price: $279,900

Address: 10 Talbot St. W., Jarvis, ON

Description: This newly renovated, three-bedroom home has a stunning white interior and lends itself to small families.

[image 5eb4516c4b5f061f82ba0c03]

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Riverside Home

Price: $270,000

Address: 118 Main St. S., Grand Valley, ON

Description: This two-bedroom abode has gorgeous river views and a charming front porch.

[image 5eb4598c9061481f733cda8d]

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Single Bedroom Home

Price: $329,800

Address: 391 Olive Ave., Oshawa, ON

Description: This home has a clean and welcoming interior, and, with one bedroom, it's ideal for a first-time buyer or couple.

[image 5eb4520a9c0fbd1f7bd256a1]

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Cozy Yellow Home

Price: $399,900

Address: 43 Huff Ave., Brantford, ON

Description: This newly renovated home has a cozy interior, two sheds, and a spacious driveway.

[image 5eb45aa78593a11f74db0b94]

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Bright & Airy Home

Price: $349,900

Address: 292 St. Eloi Ave., Oshawa, ON

Description: This two-bedroom bungalow comes with a bright and airy dining room and a large shed.

[image 5eb453104b5f061f82ba0c42]

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