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6 Cheap Toronto Houses For Sale That Are Actually Under $600,000

Some of these are really cute!

Toronto's housing bubble has been the talk of the town for a long time now. As Toronto's real estate market grows in popularity, it seems like price tags are following suit. In efforts to uncover what's still out there that's relatively affordable for young people, we rounded up a few cheap Toronto houses for sale for under $600,000 for you to take a look at. Unfortunately, most people that live in Toronto aren't able to capitalize on the popularity the city has experienced. The prices are booming, but not everyone can afford what Toronto has to offer. Some of the homes we came across look like they're right out of a horror movie. Then there are listings that are so cheap they aren't even real. We did manage to find the cheapest home in Toronto recently, but we visited the listing again and it looks like it's been sold. We raise our glasses to the lucky person who scooped it up. It's not getting any easier out there, that's for sure. The list we've compiled features some of the cheapest houses we could find.Check out some of the lowest-priced houses in Toronto below. Trust us, finding anything under $600,000 wasn't easy. Yet, some of these do hold quite some charm! 

17 Haslam St., Toronto, ON

Price: $599,000Listed by: Sandra Mifsud, REWThis two-bedroom bungalow has a great backyard and a spacious interior. It's in a family neghbourhood, and the kitchen has that adorable family vibe. Not a bad price for a young family.

[image 5dc0a8a6d7b3d87916cb6019]

[image 5dc0a8b6ba9251075c08d900]


95 1/2 Fuller Ave., Toronto, ON

Price: $599,000Listed by: Paul King, ReMaxThis cute two bedroom home in Roncy Village has some great interior design and a sweet spiral staircase. It is close to plenty of amenities and is a great value compared to some of the other houses in that area. A win!

[image 5db345bff7ccff4d329e7d45]

[image 5db3468f1caa324d3dfc9cd1]


8 Glory Crescent, Toronto, ON

Price: $589,000Listed by: Robynne Dunn, REWThis three bedroom is walking distance from a GO station and is complete with hardwood floors and a huge backyard. This is not a bad price for the value. The location is decent, it is spacious, and is move-in ready for under $600,000. It is hard to find all three of those things in a property. We approve.

[image 5db3424b8e53b94d207303de]

[image 5db342de1caa324d3dfc9c5a]

[image 5db343c38e53b94d20730409]


4 Cambrai Avenue, Toronto, ON

Price: $588,000Listed by: George Bitaxis, REWThis three bedroom home is near the Danforth and has 2 kitchens, according to the listing. It says that this would be "a great home for a first time home buyer". This is actually not a bad price based on the fact that the place looks like it could be ready to move right in without renovations.

[image 5db33e6a8e53b94d20730343]


74 Chryessa Ave., Toronto, ON

Price: $575,000Listed by: Amir Ardeshir Nikzad, REWThis two bedroom brick bungalow near the Junction is super cute! The listing says it is near a future LRT station, and the inside looks nicely renovated. For $575,000, this is a steal.

[image 5db337d0a8c6f24d312cdc4b]


238 Braymore Boulevard, Toronto, ON

Price: $579,900Listed by: Tom Lam, REWThis four bedroom family home is near the UofT Scarborough campus and the listing says it has a huge backyard, and "tasteful renovations". It is one of the most affordable homes in the GTA right now.


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