In case you didn't know, Toronto's newest fast food hot spot opened its latest location on Tuesday morning. Chick-fil-A Yorkdale is already booming with eager customers waiting for chicken sandwiches. The lineups are looking hefty, and it's safe to say the hype is definitely real. This location has been an anticipated one. Since Toronto's first Chick-fil-A opened at Yonge and Bloor back in September, Torontonians have not been able to get enough of them. Some even camped out in front of the first store before it's grand opening months ago. Although there have been no reports of campers as of yet for the second location, this lineup is still insane, especially at 10 a.m. on a Tuesday morning. It looks like after the pandemonium of their grand opening, Chick-fil-A is prepared. They sent out a news release last week about their newest location and the in-line ordering method they will be using.Their employees can take orders on tablets while customers are still in line for maximum efficiency. The release states that they are the only quick-service fast-food chain in Toronto using this ordering method. It looks like they will need to be as fast as possible because the lineups show customers gathering throughout the mall to get a taste of this American chain. 

The United States-based chicken restaurant has seen huge success in Toronto so far, and people really can't seem to get enough. 

Chicken lovers observed lineups around the block at their first location for weeks after they first opened. Only time will tell how long the hype will last for their second opening, but it already looks just as crazy.

So far, Chick-fil-A has released some of Toronto's favourite menu items, and the top two are the Original Chicken Sandwich as well as the Spicy Chicken Sandwich.

The most popular drinks are the Sweetened Ice Tea and the Chick-fil-A Lemonade, according to the news release. 

There are currently 70 part-time and full-time employees who were hired at the newest location. More than 2,000 people applied for the various positions they were hiring for.

It seems that this place is a hit with both customers as well as job seekers. Judging by their consistent popularity, interest in this fast-food chain is still strong. There was some controversy when they first opened due to their affiliation will anti-LGBTQ organizations. 

However, the popular company has since stopped donating to those charities. 

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