It comes as no surprise that Asian lifestyle and household goods have become incredibly popular within Canada over the past few years. Just last month, Miniso, Muji and Oomomo, all popular Asian clothing and lifestyle brands, released plans to open a total of 500 new stores across Canada within the next few years. Now, a China-based clothing store called XIMIVOGUE is opening two new store locations within the Toronto area. 

XIMIVOUGE is a Chinese chain that has started to expand across the globe. It focuses on Korean brands and has over 7,000 products that can vary from a variety of products such as plush toys, beauty products, and even household items. 

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XIMIVOUGE also goes by a few other names that you may recognize, such as Ximiso and Ximivoue. This chain has over 1,400 franchises around the globe including locations Asia, Africa, Latin America, Australia, and now Canada. 

The two new locations that will be seen in the Toronto area are the Cadillac Fairview Mall and Sherway Gardens. Yet, the timing on when both of these locations will be open is still unclear. 

The Cadillac Fairview Mall location opening has been confirmed through their website, as well as the Ximiso website. Exactly when the store will open though is still unclear, though Fairview Mall ensures that it is "coming soon". 

The Sherway Gardens location has only been listed on the Ximiso website, and the actual mall has not yet confirmed that this location will be present. Therefore, it is not known when, or how concrete these plans are at the Sherway Gardens location. 

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This XIMIVOGUE brand is a lot like the already present Miniso franchise. It has a similar feel to the Chinese dollar store and lifestyle brand. 

In fact, this store is so similar to the Miniso franchise that some people have even claimed that it is a Miniso look-alike that is ripping-off the already popular brand. 

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Although, for us here in Toronto, we are just going to have to wait and see what these new XIMIVOGUE stores look like before deciding what we think of this new Chinese-based clothing and lifestyle store.