The biggest theatre festival in the city begins on Canada Day.

The Toronto Fringe Festival is a 12 day experience showcasing aspiring local, national, and international artists. Coined after those on the "fringe" of the industry, the festival gives voice to the under-represented. Anybody can submit their work  and the decision is made by lottery. That means a lot of fun, quirky, and evocative theatre for everyone.

The Toronto Fringe's theme is Choose Your Own Adventure. Using your handy brochure, or show listings guide, you can decide on over 148 shows peppered across the Annex, including: Deadmouse: The Musical; a story of a mouse aspiring to become the world's biggest DJ, or the provocative and darkly humorous musical Everyone Loves Marineland. There is just about every genre available, from sketch comedy to solo performances. Don't worry if theatre isn't your jam. There will be visual art presentations, dancing, and buskers as well as other forms of entertainment!

Pop by the Fringe Club behind Honest Ed's, it's pretty much the HQ of the festival. Enjoy some tasty food and drinks, sit in on a Tent Talk, get some $2.75 Steamwhistle at 5 p.m. Play boardgames at Fringe After Dark, and watch a Shed Show. What is a shed show? It's literally a play in a shed, and it's pay what you can.

On the topic of ticketing, the maximum amount is $12. All the proceeds go right back to the performers and the production crew. By showing up you're actually helping the arts community. You can download the official app for a helpful map and to buy tickets online.

Once and a while, like a diamond in the rough, some performances get picked up by big companies like Mirvish Productions.  'da Kink in My Hair, a comedy about the lives of several women in a hair salon, became a television series. My Mother's Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding, a musical about, well, that, became a smash hit at the Panasonic Theatre.

Maybe you'll be the first witness to the next great thing. It all has to start somewhere.

Check out the website for tickets and more info!

Photo Cred - Fringe Toronto