Chris Boucher Broke Self-Isolation To Shop At Loblaws & He’s 'Extremely Regretful'

"It was never my intention to endanger our community."
Chris Boucher In Loblaws: Photo Shows Raptor Breaking Self-Isolation To Shop

This is not what the Raptors meant when they said self-isolation. A photo of Chris Boucher in Loblaws has caused a stir on March 16 as the 27-year-old was snapped breaking the team's self-imposed COVID-19 quarantine. Boucher is "extremely regretful" about his actions, according to the team.

A photo submitted to City News shows the Montreal-raised baller shopping at the Loblaws supermarket on Lower Jarvis Street in downtown Toronto.

The picture was reportedly taken on Thursday, March 12, just one day after the Raptors underwent preliminary tests for COVID-19 after Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz tested positive.

The Jazz had been the Raptors' most recent opponent, hence the particularly time-sensitive nature of the team's reaction.

In the shot, Boucher appears to be wearing a pair of gloves.

A statement given by the Raptors to Narcity by email acknowledged the photo shows Boucher breaking team protocol.

"He has been told to self-monitor for any symptoms. However, he broke protocol. He is extremely regretful," read the statement.

Raptors players got their COVID-19 test results over the weekend. Nobody involved with the franchise has tested positive for the virus. The team will remain in self-isolation until the recommended 14-day period is up.

And, in a statement posted on his Instagram story on Monday afternoon, March 16, Boucher apologized for his error.

"A few days ago, I broke our team-mandated self-quarantine," Boucher wrote.

"I want to apologize to the city of Toronto, our fans, and the Raptors organization. While  have tested negative for COVID-19, it was never my intention to endanger our community."

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He added: "I recognize my mistake and have remained self-quarantined since. Let's stay safe, Toronto."

Maybe Boucher just needs to take a leaf out of teammate Serge Ibaka's book for how to fill the hours in self-isolation? After all, Ibaka seems to have taken to it pretty well.

All major sports in Toronto, and across much of the world right now, are currently suspended due to the global pandemic and the need for social distancing.

In the meantime, the 6ix's teams are rallying together to help out workers who stand to lose much of their livelihood with events cancelled.

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