This Magical Christmas Lights Festival Is Finally Coming To Toronto In November

It'll be the highlight of the season!
This Magical Christmas Lights Festival Is Finally Coming To Toronto In November

One of the biggest indoor light festivals is headed to Toronto this year and it's honestly the perfect magical adventure! Christmas Glow Toronto will feature millions of lights, illuminated tunnels, beautiful light fixtures, and so much more! So, if you've already started writing your fall/winter bucket list, you need to add this magical light festival to it ASAP!

Originally launched in Vancouver in 2017, the light festival has only continued to grow, communications manager Kelsey Vurdela tells Narcity.

"Because of the overwhelming support and love people have for the event, we have grown to 11 cities globally! We are in seven Canadian cities, three American cities, and Denmark in 2019," says Vurdela. "Each city has a new theme for this year."

Outside food and drinks are not permitted at the event, but if you want to get your glow on, there will be plenty of seasonal boozy beverages to sip on! You can also find tasty treats, artisan vendors, and live music, according to Vurdela.

"Bring your worst Christmas sweater, your best friend and enjoy this magical experience!"

And of course, don't forget to say hi to the big guy in red, and tell him all about your Christmas wishlist!

Christmas glow will take over the Toronto Congress Centre from Nov. 28 to Jan. 4. Hosting the event indoors lets everyone wander through the lights comfortably and at their own pace, Vurdela explains.

"Winter in North America can be cold. We want our guests to enjoy every moment of this event looking at lights, not running for the fireplace," Vurdela jokes. "(You can) move through the event at your own warmish pace, it's all the magic of a million lights, hosted inside our cozy and spacious venue."

Aside from Toronto, Glow is also held in Abbotsford, Edmonton, Halifax, Ottawa, Vancouver, and Saskatoon in Canada, and the list of Glow attractions and events across the country is certainly not short!

Christmas Glow Toronto

Location: Toronto Congress Centre

Price: $49.99 for adults

Why You Need To Go: You can wander through the magical lights, and enjoy live entertainment, drinks, and snacks!