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The TTC Is Completely Overrun With Protestors Pouring Into Downtown (Photos)

Streetcars and subways are backed up!
Ontario Editor
Climate Strike Protesters Are Overrunning Toronto's Public Transit (Photos)

With the Climate Strike taking place throughout downtown Toronto today, thousands have skipped school and work to show their support in making the world a better place. While Queen's Park is crowded with protestors who are rallying against climate change, it seems like public transit is also completely overrun by these protesters. With many eager Torontonians attempting to make it to and from downtown with their signs for the Climate Stike, the TTC has gotten pretty crazy. 

With protestors chanting down the streets of Toronto, and all over the world, this Friday, it's no surprise that the TTC subways, streetcars, and buses would be overrun with colourful signs and chanting Torontonians. 

In fact, even before the protest was underway, TTC users were already complaining about the over-filled streetcars and how crowded Queen's Park station really was.

TTC even predicted that the subway lines were sure to get crowded due to the protest, and those who were wishing to head downtown should take alternate routes.

TTC took to Twitter to say, "Customers wishing to travel into the downtown core can utilize the Yonge line to avoid demonstrations at St. George Station and Queen's Park Station on the University line." 

Some users took to Twitter to complain about how backed up Queen Station subway station was, one even complaining about the slow-moving crowd, due to escalator maintenance. 

"Of all days, today is the day they decide to do escalator maintenance at Queen's Park station."

However, it seemed that the streetcars are facing the most problems throughout the day. 

Many users took to Twitter to complain about full streetcars throughout the downcore, full of protestors all holding their signs for the Climate Strike. 

One user even recalled their experience, stating, "The streetcars are already too packed for us to get on." 

While transit throughout Toronto was packed this morning, it's sure to be pretty busy for those attempting to commute home tonight, as people start to pack up their signs and head home after a long day of protesting. 

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