The CNE's famous food extravaganza is back as we officially reach the end of summer. The CNE 2019 food is looking better than ever this year, with some new additions to their notably eccentric menu. They're coming in with some great deals this year, highlighted by an "Under $6 in the Six" value menu, so be excited! 

The newest food destination will be at CNE's Bandshell Park and will have 30 menu choices!

Here at Narcity, we were already eagerly anticipating the menu reveal last week. Now, we know the variety of food choices will include Mexican, Jamaican, Italian, and Veggie cuisines, among others. We know everyone's waiting for the deep-fried food, of course. You won't be disappointed, because there's a deep-fried Mars bar for dessert. A classic.

The value menu will all be offered for the entire 18 days that the CNE will be around. It goes from August 16-September 2, in case you were unaware.

Here are some of the exclusive menu items so far:

These are only the top 10 out of the 30+ options! Exciting is an understatement, especially at that price. 

Some of the other food options are looking absolutely carnival-like, too.

Check these out!

Yup. We'll definitely see you there!

There will also be a long list of food trucks that will be participating for the Food Truck Frenzy from August 22-26 from 11 a.m. until 11 p.m. You can find them at the Princes' Boulevard location just inside the Princes' Gates in front of the Beanfield Centre and Enercare Centre. The Craft Beer Fest will also take place at the same time as the Food Truck Frenzy.

Make sure to pace yourself before going on the rides, as some of these options are looking like they could take you out if you're not careful.

On that note, have a blast! We can't wait to review some of these options. Stay tuned!