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"Coffee Tea Bags" Now Exist In Canada And It's The Most Genius Thing Ever

A new experience for coffee lovers!
"Coffee Tea Bags" Now Exist In Canada And It's The Most Genius Thing Ever

If you’re a big coffee drinker like me, then you know all too well how hard it can be to get your hands on a great cup of joe at home. And even if you have one of those super fancy coffee makers, you know you’re wasting more time making the coffee than enjoying it.

And what about the environmental burden that are plastic coffee pods? Sure, while most of them are recyclable, they still contain plastic which means that they can never biodegrade. In theory, plastic never goes away. So while you’re drinking your coffee in the morning, you’re actually contributing to a toxic environment.

But this doesn’t mean that you have to give up your favourite morning drink. In fact, there’s a new company called Bean Post Coffee that have figured a genius solution, so you don’t have to choose between sipping on your morning brew or saving the environment.

Bean Post Coffee is a Canadian company based in North York, Toronto that has officially launched coffee tea bags. Just imagine a tea bag but instead with ground coffee inside - genius, right?!

Via Bean Post Coffee

Not only is this concept absolutely genius, but it will also save you time without having to sacrifice the quality of the coffee. With the help of coffee experts, Bean Post Coffee have mastered their formula to select and prepare your coffee. They’ve actually thought of everything, from where they source their beans to perfecting the art of roasting - so you just know that your experience with their coffee bags is due to be unforgettable!

And while they’ve mastered the art of providing coffee lovers with delicious cups of morning coffee at home, the really cool thing about this company is their commitment to tackling important environmental issues. In doing so, they have created a product that is not only delicious but sustainable too. The material of each coffee bag is antimicrobial, antibacterial, UV resistant and most importantly, 100% biodegradable since it is derived from pure, natural resources!

Between expensive coffee pods and other options which can potentially be less good for the environment, Bean Post Coffee stands out. They're a great, eco-friendly alternative that are dedicated to helping preserve our planet (let's be honest, we've all seen how the world is changing due to environmental issues) - and they're super convenient, quick and easy, too! All you need to brew the perfect cup of joe is a Bean Post Coffee coffee bag and water, and that's it. 

Via Narcity

In 30 seconds flat, you've just brewed yourself the perfect cup of coffee. Easy peasy.  And trust, the coffee is delicious, too! 

Bean Post Coffee offers a variety of different coffee types, from dark roast to light roast and everything in between - but if you want to try something new and awesome, they also have flower/herb coffee that is mindblowing! They offer lavendar, mint and anise flower coffees (which has the herbs straight in the teabag, ready to be infused) that give a fragrant, flavourful kick to your cup of joe.

Plus, each flower, herb and loose leaf comes from local Canadian farms - so with every sip, you're actually helping a small business grow. And no worries if you're more of a "straight-up coffee" kind of person; each coffee bean that Bean Post Coffee uses is ethically sourced!

It is our social responsibility to contribute and promote environmentally friendly products, and luckily for us, we now have a great alternative to our morning cup of coffee that not only tastes amazing but fosters zero-waste and promotes sustainable living. And that’s what Bean Post Coffee is all about.

For more information on Bean Post Coffee, make sure to visit their Youtube, as well as their website, Facebook and Instagram pages!