The constant construction in Toronto can often be frustrating. Residents have to adapt to a growing city, and it's expansion there are bound to be inconveniences. However, when those inconveniences become dangerous, it is a serious issue. Toronto Fire Services charged the Bondfield Construction Company on Thursday after its workers blocked off several of the exits to Union Station.

Thousands of Mumford and Sons fans late last year were forced to shove through a single door following the band’s concert at the Scotiabank Arena on December 17th of 2018. The massive crowd of fans was attempting to make their way through the Bay Street walkway, located within the station when they were confronted with just a single exit. With no other option, thousands of fans were then forced to squeeze through a single doorway.

It is uncertain at this time why the workers had closed off the doorway or why they had not been made aware by those in charge that their actions were in direct violation of the Ontario’s Fire Code.

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Inspectors for Toronto Fire Services conducted an in-depth investigation of the situation, and after speaking with a legal counsel, they were able to determine that they had reasonable cause to press charges against the construction company.

An official statement on the matter was released by Toronto’s Fire Services, in which they detailed their reasoning behind laying the charges:

 “Toronto Fire Services continues to work to reduce risk through fire prevention and enforcement strategies against owners who fail to meet the Ontario Fire Code and jeopardize the safety of individuals and responding firefighters,” the release read.

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The construction company could face fines of up to $10,000 for “posing a serious threat” by breaking the Fire Code Violation.