Corinne Has Responded To The Bachelor In Paradise Return

Corinne Has Responded To The Bachelor In Paradise Return

Yesterday, Warner Bros announced that filming would resume on Bachelor in Paradise. According to their statement, the investigation found that no misconduct took place on the set. 

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Corinne Olympios's lawyers have responded with a statement of their own. Speaking to E News, Corinne's attorney Mark Singer said: 

"It needs to be made crystal clear that production of Bachelor in Paradise was shut down because of multiple complaints received from 'BIP' producers and crew members on the set. It was not shut down due to any complaint filed by Corinne against anyone."

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"It comes as no surprise that Warner Bros., as a result of its own internal investigation, would state that no wrongdoing had occurred,"  he continued. "Our own investigation will continue based on multiple new witnesses coming forward revealing what they saw and heard."

It's unclear whether Corinne will return to Bachelor in Paradise once filming resumes. 

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