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Corinne's Boyfriend Has Spoken Out About Bachelor In Paradise Incident

The drama surrounding alleged misconduct on the set of Bachelor in Paradise has taken an interesting turn. Corinne's rumoured boyfriend, Jordan Gielchinsky, who she was apparently with during filming, has given a statement to E News.

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Here's what he had to say about the whole situation:

"I have known Corinne for over 10 years and as a friend or boyfriend, she will continue to receive my unwavering loyalty and support until I decide that there is a legitimate reason not to give it. Anything the public may perceive that is coming from me is pure speculation.

There is an ongoing inquiry that must follow a course to its conclusion before I can fully comment. I pay very little attention to the media and try to ignore all the conjecture surrounding my relationship with Corinne. The only two people who know the true disposition of our relationship is Corinne and I."

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