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Mississauga & Brampton Are Finally Revealing Their Own COVID-19 Hot Spots

The GTA cities have been hit harder than most places.
COVID-19 In Mississauga And Brampton Now Has Its Own Neighbourhood Map Like Toronto

Peel Region is following Toronto's lead. Maps showing the breakdown of COVID-19 in Mississauga and Brampton are finally being made public as the two cities continue to be among the worst-hit areas of Ontario. The news comes after Toronto's own virus tracking map went live on May 27.

The 6ix's infographic offers truly localized information about which areas are considered "hot spots" for the pandemic.

Now, it seems nearby Peel Region is following suit.

In Peel's pandemic update, published on Friday, May 29, a non-interactive map illustrates the community cases recorded over the space of three months between February 25 and this past Monday, May 25.

According to the Brampton Guardian, the map will eventually become clickable and customizable like Toronto's is.

On the map, the tan-brown sections represent areas where the infection rate is considered "above average." The blue sections are areas where the spread is less prominent.

The determination of "above" or "below" average is based on the rate of cases in each census tract (each separate slice of land pictured above) compared to the total rate of cases in the Peel region.

A table in the report further states that 3,515 community cases were recorded up to May 25. Of those, 1,804 were in Brampton, 1,487 in Mississauga, and 102 in the Town of Caledon.

A second graphic in the report focuses on community cases from May 11-24, a smaller slice of time.

Of 817 community cases recorded in the more recent timeframe, a large majority of 543 were in Brampton.

Brampton's mayor Patrick Brown tweeted out the maps on Friday afternoon.

Alongside the pictures, he emphasized that "it is important to note that these maps are based on data drawn on place of residence & does not reflect where COVID-19 was acquired."

That echoes the message that was stressed by Toronto health staff as the 6ix map went live earlier this week.

Brown told inBrampton on Friday that he had asked Public Health to provide the map.

"I believe we need to be transparent with the public and tell them everything that we know," he said.

These maps come after Ontario Premier Doug Ford had said that Brampton is a "hot spot" for COVID-19 in the province. The Peel data appears to back up this suggestion.

Both Mississauga and Brampton have chosen not to follow Toronto in reopening outdoor spaces in an attempt to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

That was after Peel Region's Medical Officer of Health Dr. Lawrence Loh said on May 20 that Ontario's reopening plan is moving far faster than is safe in some areas of the GTA.

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