Toronto’s COVID-19 Curve Is Finally Flattening As Hospitalizations Decrease

Dr. Eileen de Villa calls for "cautious optimism."
COVID-19 In Toronto: Community Curve Is Flattening As Hospitalizations Fall, Say Staff

The 6ix, you're doing a good job! COVID-19 in Toronto seems to be finally flattening its curve in some areas as the need for hospitalization has fallen. City officials held a press briefing on Monday, April 20, and shared the news that "pandemic activity" is going down.

At the city's press briefing on Monday, April 20, Dr. Eileen de Villa shared an update on Toronto's current status, suggesting that the city is already in the "peak" period.

"Our data modelling shows us that we are currently in the peak period for our reported cases," said Dr. de Villa.

"The COVID-19 case doubling rate... has slowed over the past two weeks. This tells us that pandemic activity is slowing down and this is good news."

De Villa also highlighted how the feared "surge" in hospitalizations due to the virus has not materialized. In fact, quite the opposite, it sees.

"We haven't seen the dramatic surges in hospitalizations that we initially feared and, in fact, the number of new hospitalizations each day has started to decrease," said Dr. de Villa.

"All of this information taken together should be considered with cautious optimism," she warns.

She credits the Toronto public's following of social distancing and good hygiene practices for the apparent flattening.

"We are seeing our curve flattening because you are washing your hands, you are staying home, and you are keeping a safe distance from your friends, your families and other loved ones as difficult as I know this is," said Dr. de Villa.

She did stress, however, that maintaining these restrictive social distancing measures remains key to Toronto and Ontario's future.

Meanwhile, Mayor John Tory spoke with CP24 on Monday morning and shared that the city could be looking at several more months of isolation before things get back to normal.

Other cities in the province have their eyes set on re-opening their economy sooner rather than later, though.

The City of Kingston is holding a council meeting on Tuesday to hear a motion to start up the city's economy through the reopening of a few places.

Despite the curve flattening in the 6ix, De Villa warned that the flattening of the curve does not apply to "congregate settings" like nursing homes and care centres.

That comes after earlier on Monday, Ontario Correctional Institute in Brampton closed down temporarily after 60 inmates and eight staff tested positive for COVID-19.

The battle is not over, Toronto staff warned, but at least in terms of community spread, progress is definitely being made.