Social distancing continues to seemingly prove that it's working. During the city's daily press briefing, Dr. Eileen de Villa shared an update on COVID-19 in Toronto for May 4 and the standout news is arguably the fact that the rate of infection has gone down in the 6ix. This positive update news comes hours after the city started to safely reopen certain amenities like gardens while still maintaining social distancing protocols.

Dr. De Villa shared that back in the middle of last month, each individual with a confirmed case in the city would infect another four people.

However, due to the strict measures in place, the number has gone down to one. As she explained, this means that every person who is infected with COVID-19 is now only infecting one other person on average.

"Prior to implementing strict public health measures in mid-March, each case of COVID-19 in our city went on to infect an average of another 3.5 people. This contributed to the growth of the outbreak and the climb in our outbreak curve," said Dr. De Villa during the briefing on May 4.

"Now, we see the number of cases in Toronto is doubling every seven days. This suggests the rate of infection in our city is slowing down and that physical distancing and self-isolating are having a positive impact. They're having the desired impact," she added.

Although there is some good news coming out of this, it still means that there are new people getting infected.

"Our data are telling us that we are making positive progress in our city. It is also telling us that we continue to see new people becoming infected with this virus. This means that we are unfortunately still not in a place to ease our public health measures yet," said Dr. De Villa.

"However while we believe our local curve is flattening, we are not yet seeing a steady decrease in the number of new cases or new hospitalizations each day. This means that we have likely not completely passed the infection peak," she added.

So although it seems we're definitely heading in the right direction, we're not out of the woods just yet.

Mayor John Tory said on May 3 that even after Toronto ends its lockdown, social distancing measures will be kept in place for a while.

And Tory warned that as for Toronto's re-opening plans, we should expect to see a lot more reservations, appointments, and pick-ups in our future.