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Tory Says Toronto's 'Best-Case Scenario' Is To Recover From COVID-19 Within 9 Months

But it'll cost an eye-watering amount of money to reopen.
COVID-19 In Toronto: Mayor Tory Outlines The City's 'Best-Case' Recovery Scenario

The latest forecast is in. In the daily press briefing on the state of COVID-19 in Toronto on Thursday, May 7, Mayor John Tory stated that the city's "best-case scenario" is to recover from the virus within nine months. Included in that ideal timeline is a rough total reopening cost of $1.5 billion.

Toronto officially declared an emergency on April 23, one week after the province of Ontario did the same. The 6ix has been under that declaration ever since.

On Thursday, Tory and other staff spoke to reporters about the updated state of the pandemic in Ontario's biggest city.

"We've crunched the numbers further and determined that a three-month lockdown and a six-month recovery period, not unreasonable assumptions, could cost the city as much as $1.5 billion," said Tory during the briefing in regards to the financial state of the city.

"In fact, that's the best-case scenario," he added, rather ominously.

Tory did not specify whether the total nine-month period refers back to when the emergency was first declared in the 6ix back in March, whether it's taken as starting now.

If the former, the timeline would run from March until June in "lockdown" and then late June to late December for recovery. 

If it's the latter, the "best-case scenario" timeline wouldn't end until February 2021.

In the briefing, Tory repeatedly called for federal financial assistance for Toronto and surrounding municipalities.

As for the re-opening of the 6ix, Tory also noted earlier in the day that downtown is going to look a lot different than the rest of the city.

Due to the heightened risk of crowds gathering in the downtown core, not everywhere will be able to have the same regulations.

That may be particularly relevant to Ontario Premier Doug Ford's announcement on Wednesday that stores with street entrances will begin to reopen for curbside pickups.

Although it may seem like things are getting back to normal, Ford made sure to clarify his Victoria Day weekend comments on Thursday.

The Premier reminded people to still social distance if you plan to head to a cottage and don't bring all your friends.

We might be heading into spring (finally) but, as Tory has already warned, this is our "new normal."

As of Thursday afternoon, Toronto's COVID-19 data reports a total of 6,914 cases. 4,364 people have recovered, while 522 people have died in the city from the virus.

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