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Plastic Gloves Are Being Dumped On Sidewalks & Parking Lots All Over Toronto (PHOTOS)

Toronto's Chief Medical Officer is asking residents to dispose of their waste properly.
COVID-19 In Toronto: Residents Are Littering Rubber Gloves All Over Sidewalks & Parking Lots

Residents are taking extra precautions to protect themselves from COVID-19 in Toronto, as they stock up on gloves and masks. However, it seems that some of the protective gear isn't being disposed of properly. Photos of sidewalks and parking lots littered with plastic gloves across the 6ix have started to appear online.  

Many Torontonians are sharing photos of used gloves that are now littering the sidewalks throughout the city. 

"I counted 8 pairs of these on the ground at my local grocery store," wrote one user in response to the number of gloves that they had counted. 

"I work for municipal maintenance, company that's contracted by city of Toronto. This was sucked up with the litter vacc machine on bloor st from Islington to Jane st," wrote another user who showcased a pile of used gloves on the street. Not only have photos and videos been circulating online, but Toronto's Chief Medical Officer Dr. Eileen de Villa also made a statement addressing the surplus of garbage throughout the city over the past few weeks.  "I ask our residents to observe good behaviour and dispose of their waste," de Villa stated on Wednesday, according to the Toronto Sun

It's not just Toronto that is experiencing this problem. 

One Facebook user, Josh Pennock, posted a video from a Walmart parking lot in Maple, Ontario. The lot is filled with littered protective gear.

"Because of what's been going on," he says while walking around filming, "the lot seems to just be littered with gloves."

"Plastic gloves everywhere. Masks everywhere. This is not containing the virus, people. This is polluting."

Over the past few weeks, people all over Canada have been stocking up on a variety of items during the COVID-19 pandemic such as hospital gear and hand sanitizer. 

Last month, Shoppers Drug Marts across Toronto reported to Narcity that they were sold out of hand sanitizer as many residents attempted to stock up on the disinfectant product.  

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