Torontonians Are Banging Pots From Their Balconies To Show Support For Healthcare Workers

The community is supporting each other.
COVID-19 In Toronto: Residents Show Appreciation To Healthcare Workers From Their Balconies

As residents of Toronto stay at home, balconies have become evening meeting places to show support for front line medical workers. Videos have surfaced online of neighbourhoods banging pots and pans together from their highrises or driveways to appreciate health care workers that are still busy working throughout the city. Those in the medical field are facing intense hours and increased pressure as COVID-19 in Toronto grows.Torontonians have been taking the time to thank medical staff, and it has been noted around the city.  "They are cheering from the balconies in my Toronto neighbourhood for healthcare workers," one Twitter user wrote. "My block sings two songs every night...brings me needed joy," wrote another. People have also been catching examples on video. CBC News reporter Devin Heroux posted one from a condo balcony in Toronto of loud banging coming from all of the nearby buildings. "People are going crazy, banging pots and pans from their condo balconies — celebrating all the health care workers," he wrote in the tweet. "What a remarkable scene."Another user filmed an example of people on their driveways doing the same thing. "Went out for our evening walk and stumbled upon an entire street banging pots and pans and children & adults alike cheerily holding up signs that said THANK YOU."

Some neighbourhoods even brought out the cowbell, according to one user from High Park. "Cheers, whistles, hand claps and cowbells erupt from the balconies buildings in High Park, Toronto at 7:30 p.m.," they wrote.

Businesses have also been supporting health care workers in the sweetest ways.Canada Goose is now making scrubs and gowns for medical staff and donating them to hospitals.Nando's is also doing their part by offering free take-out to health care workers. On top of that, they are also giving hot meals to hospitals near any of their locations.

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