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A Toronto Man Tried To Sell A Bunch Of Illegal COVID-19 Tests & Is Charged With Fraud

"There are no kits authorized for personal use in Canada."
COVID-19 Testing Kits Sent By A Toronto Man Are Prohibited And He's Charged With Fraud

Border control personnel aren't messing around right now. A 43-year-old Toronto man has been charged with fraud for sending banned COVID-19 testing kits to the United States. Although it's not been confirmed whether the kits were real or fake, even real sale of test packs is prohibited, as they're not allowed for personal use.

According to a release by Toronto Police Services (TPS), a man named Jesse Wong has been charged, after a package filled with 25 kits was stopped at the U.S. border.

Police say that parcel was just one of several shipped out across the U.S. and Canada from the same address in the 6ix.

TPS spokesperson Meghan Gray stressed to Narcity that absolutely no COVID-19 test kits are currently authorized for personal use in Canada.

Gray said by email: "Our investigation continues into the number of kits, how they were obtained and/or distributed. He was allegedly selling testing kits for $10 and masks for $20.

"The legitimacy of the kits is currently under investigation in partnership with the FDA. Our charges are in relation to the fact that there are no kits authorized for personal use in Canada."

As a result, the kits are considered prohibited.

TPS was made aware of the situation on March 25, after the Homeland Security departments of both nations informed officers of the package that was stopped and checked at the border.

This is where officials found 25 prohibited COVID-19 testing kits in that same parcel.

Yesterday, Thursday, March 26, a search was carried out at a home near Cosburn Avenue and Pape Avenue. It was then it was discovered Wong had sent several more shipments.

Gray says TPS is working with the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in order to see if the tests are real or not, per CBC.

However, whether or not the tests are real, Wong still stands to be charged with fraud.

He has been arrested and charged with fraud under $5,000 and possession of a forgery device, and is set to appear in court in late May.

Toronto Police urge the public to be vigilant and wary if people are trying to offer the products linked to COVID-19.

And it's important to note that there are no real "home test kits" available at the moment.

On Thursday, Ontario health officials reportedly admitted there are likely "tens of thousands" of undetected COVID-19 cases in the province right now.

Narcity also reached out to the U.S. FDA for comment.

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