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Complaints Flood In After Crowds Fill Toronto’s Parks On The Weekend (PHOTOS)

The City received 73 complaints.
Crowded Toronto Parks Were Spotted All Over The City This Weekend (PHOTOS)

With the sun shining across Toronto last weekend, it seems that some residents just couldn't resist getting out and enjoying the nice weather. Despite John Tory's warning to stay indoors amidst the warmer temperatures, it seems that some didn't listen. Multiple photos of crowded Toronto parks appeared on social media throughout the weekend. 

As temperatures reached nearly 20 C on Sunday, Torontonians got their first glimpse at that warm spring weather. 

On Friday, the Toronto mayor spoke out to warn residents to not be tempted by the warm weather and to still practice social distancing and stay indoors. 

However, according to the City of Toronto's latest numbers, not everyone listened to that advice. 

Seventy-three complaints related to physical distancing in parks were reported over the weekend, but only six tickets were issued. The grand total of tickets given out since April 3 is 594. Bylaw officers have also spoken to a whopping 13,676 people in city parks about the closures and public health measures.

Over the weekend, parks such as Riverdale were captured with groups of people enjoying the warm weather by sitting on the grass. 

"Busiest. Day. Ever. In Riverdale Park West," wrote one Twitter user who posted a photo of the crowded park on Twitter. 

One of Toronto's "hotspots", Trinity Bellwoods Park was also filled with residents who were taking advantage of the fresh air. 

"The homie sent this from Trinity Bellwoods just now... I'm staying far away from that petri dish," wrote another user. 

Despite the crowds that gathered over the weekend, the City is still urging residents to stay home unless you need to make an essential outing.

"Residents are reminded of the importance of reducing all contact with others as much as possible and staying home except for essential outings to help stop the community spread of the deadly virus," says a statement from the City. 

As the weather continues to warm, the City is continuing to put in place measures that will help encourage people to keep their distance. 

While Toronto police and bylaw officers are patrolling some of Toronto's busier areas, the city has also shut down High Park and fenced off other cherry blossoms in an attempt to stop crowding. 

The City has also set up a live cam at High Park, so people can watch the blossoms from the comfort of their couch. 

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