Southern Ontario has been facing a variety of treacherous weather this season. Snow, extreme colds, and ice rain have become common occurrences throughout the province and winter just doesn't seem to be coming to end. The Weather Network has just announced that another storm this weekend, and it's bringing damaging 110 KM winds to Southern Ontario that could lead to power outages throughout the province. 

Ontarians can expect to see pretty calm weather throughout the rest of the week. Thursday and Friday are expected to bring mild temperatures, Friday is even seeing a high of 1°C. While the rest of the weekend is also expected to bring warmer weather, it's only the calm before the storm because the winds and rain that come with this higher temperature aren't going to be as pleasant. 

A Texas low-pressure system is expected to move into Ontario late Friday night and throughout Saturday morning. This storm is expected to bring 5 mm of rain on Saturday and another 5mm of rain on Sunday throughout the GTA. According to the Weather Network, this storm is expected to intensify as it crossed the Great Lakes region. 

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Throughout Southern Ontario, intense wind gusts can reach 70-110 KM/H throughout the weekend. Winds these strong are considered damaging and the Weather Network is even calling them "near hurricane force wind gusts."

These winds have the potential to cause a variety of property damage and the Weather Network is even warning about power outages throughout Southern Ontario as the winds persist. These winds are going to be the most prominent on Sunday as they move throughout the province. 

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The Weather Network also warns that parts of Southern Ontario may see some blizzard-like snowfall. While it's more likely that Northern Ontario will see the snow this weekend, there are chances that Southern Ontario will see some of this snow as the temperatures begin to drop on Sunday. 

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The combination of wind and snow in some areas could not only lead to power outages but also create whiteout conditions that will make roads even more dangerous, so make sure to stay safe this weekend Ontarians! 

Source: The Weather Network