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Dash Cam Footage Shows A Crashing Plane Nearly Colliding With A Car Near Toronto

Small plane crashes near Markham's Buttonville Airport just after nearly colliding with a moving car.

Nothing is more frightening than almost getting into a car crash while you're driving on Toronto roads.  But, even more distressing is the thought of an airplane unexpectedly colliding into your car.  That's what almost happened yesterday when a small airplane nearly missed a moving vehicle near Markham's Buttonville Airport at 2:00 PM.  On Tuesday afternoon, the airplane crashed into a fence just after it flew dangerously low to a nearby roadside, practically grazing the tops of moving cars as it passed.

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A vehicle that was driving west on 16th Avenue near Highway 404 was able to video record the incident using its dash cam. The video was first obtained by Tom Podolec Aviation before it was shared by multiple other sources. The video depicts the small plane rapidly tilting back and forth as it made its way through the path that led to the incoming vehicle, with one of its wings nearly clipping the ground.

Once the plane moved past the vehicle, it collided with a fence before it ultimately stopped in a ditch on the opposite side of the road.

Police believe that a male flight instructor and a female student were inside the plane at the time of the crash.  Luckily, both were able to escape the scene of the crash uninjured.

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"The fact that that aircraft wasn’t involved in a collision with a vehicle coming through here is quite amazing," Sgt. Dave Mitchell reported to CTV News Toronto.

The Transportation Safety Board has claimed that the plane was privately-owned, and at the time just before the crash, the plane was attempting a training maneuver called "a touch-and-go".

Update PLANE CRASH Dashcam video sent to me shows a Cirrus SR20 as it crosses 16th Ave narrowly missing vehicles. Male instructor pilot & female student pilot suffered minor injuries. They were doing circuits & practicing touch & go on runway 33 at Buttonville Airport. pic.twitter.com/L2UksDsLOQ

March 12, 2019

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The root cause of the collision has not yet been determined.  "It’s an easy way to do a bunch of takeoffs and landings if you are doing some training but in this case something went wrong," TSB investigator Ewan Tasker explained to CTV News Toronto yesterday.