Whenever a massive snowstorm hits, Toronto drivers are always reminded by city officials to drive with extra care and vigilance to ensure the safety of themselves and those who share the road with them. But with the significant snowfall that has wreaked havoc on Toronto roadways this year, some drivers have thrown caution to the wind, insisting on driving speedily and recklessly on the city's icy streets.

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As a result, scenes like the one in the Instagram post below are all too common around the city and have even claimed the lives of numerous drivers and pedestrians this year.

The dashcam video that was posted to Toronto Instagram "areacode416" this morning depicts a shocking scene that will make you think twice before speeding in Toronto, especially in the aftermath of a snowstorm like the one we had last week.

@areacode416ixembedded via  

The video chronicles a disturbing incident where a car hits a snowbank along Avenue Road in Toronto with such tremendous force that the vehicle gets propelled through the air, flipping upside down.

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While some social media users who have viewed the video have speculated that the driver must have been using their cell phone at the time of the accident, the video serves as a harsh reminder to all drivers to practice defensive driving at all times, especially in poor weather conditions.

In January of this year, police responded to 350 snow-related crashes in the Toronto area in a 24-hour period.  One video captured a vehicle that lost control in the snow, hit a transport truck, and then rolled into a ditch.  While no one was injured in this particular crash, other drivers aren't always as lucky, especially when they aren't careful.

The #OPP responded to over 350 crashes in the #GTA over the past 24 hours. Dozens more were sent to collison reporting centers.Many sections of highways and ramps still have snow and slush making driving tricky❄️🚘❄️#DriveSafe#SeeSnowGoSlow pic.twitter.com/nGPuHsplFH

January 20, 2019

OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt has continually asked drivers to remain home on days when weather and road conditions are poor, and if driving is absolutely necessary, to slow down and drive with extra care.