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Date Night: The 16 Places To Try In Toronto Right Now

Dating doesn't always have to be the same ordinary experience. Yes, of course it's going to be great because you're spending time with your special someone, but you can jazz it up a bit sometimes.

So here are some awesome date night ideas that you need to try ASAP and I can assure you that each one ensures for totally different and fun experience with your boo.

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1. The Haunted Walk Of Toronto // 56 The Esplanade #305A

If you're a couple that's looking for thrill and adventure then this is a super cool idea for you! It's definitely one to get your adrenaline pumping, and also a great way to keep you guys close and cuddling.

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2. Riddle Room // 579 Yonge St.

A cool spot to play some board games in cafe setting, which you follow up with an escape room session! Totally adventurous, and definitely a date that'll keep you both on your toes.

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3. The Gardiner Museum // 111 Queens Park

Make some romantic memories like that notorious scene in Ghost with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore (okay don't get that messy) at the Gardiner Museum where they offer pottery lessons! Too cute!

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4. BarChef // 472 Queen St. W

Try out some drinks that'll give you the appearance of dragon's breath at BarChef. The drinks are poured on dry ice making for a cool and smoky cocktail!

via @bar_isabel

5. Bar Isabel // 797 College St

This hispanic bar and cafe features Spanish delicacies paired with some fine drinks. Classy, but still a way to eat nachos with your boo!

via @catpennies

6. I'll Be Seeing You // 747 Queen St E

A great spot for a casual date, I'll be Seeing You features a unique draft selection in a very cosy and homelike atmosphere with quirky decor. The menu features pretty much every kind of comfort food that exists!

via @figurestoronto

7. Figures // 137 Avenue Rd.

If you or your boo are into comic books or superheroes, then this is a super cool way to merge your inner geek into a classy dinner. They've got comic inspired cocktails and a mysterious menu!

via @fon85

8. Centennial Mini Indy // 575 Centennial Park Blvd.

Take your love to the track and drive Toronto's longest go karting track! It also features a rainbow bridge so it almost feels like you're a character in Mario Kart.

via @braden_rae_hendrickson

9. The Gibraltar Point Lighthouse // Gibraltar Point, Toronto Islands

One of Toronto's oldest landmarks also makes for a super cute date spot. take a ferry to the island to visit the lighthouse in the romantic evening sky. Don't forget the picnic basket!

via @mynameisalesia

10. Stand Up Paddle Yoga with Osha Osha // 1575 Lake Shore Blvd. W

If you want to go paddling with boo and also do yoga at the same time then look no further! This activity combines both activities into one calming and exciting experience.

via @keith_chenier

11. Shawn's Archery Instruction // 60 Bowden St

Make your baby swoon as you shoot arrows at lightening speed to hit the targets. Even if you don't hit the bullseye, you sure did when you found your boo thang!

via @fransrestaurant

12. Fran's Restaurant & Bar // 20 College St.

Take it back to the 50s with a cute diner date with your love. They're even got classic milkshakes and retro bench seats, so you can vibe to that old school love.

via @mir_kie

13. Joe Rockhead's Indoor Rock Climbing // 29 Fraser Ave.

Adventures with your love don't always have to be outdoors. If you want to stay inside and still be adventurous you can go rock climbing. Last one to the top pays for dinner!

via @treetoptrekking

14. Treetop Trekking // 10818 Heart Lake Rd., Brampton

This one is a short trip outside of Toronto, but nonetheless still exciting! Zip line through the woods on an adventure like no other!

via @hamidl000

15. The Healthy Butcher // 565 Queen St. W

If cooking together at home is getting boring, come out to The Healthy Butcher and sign up for a sausage making class or a knife skill class together! Sausage puns are optional.

via @spintoronto

16. SPiN Toronto // 461 King St W

Challenge your love to a friendly little game of ping pong at SPiN, while you can sit back and cool off with a nice beer afterwards. You guys earned those beers!

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