A hometown hero has been made. David Ayres, a 42-year-old Ontario Zamboni driver, was given the opportunity of a lifetime on Saturday after he was forced to step in for Carolina Hurricanes after both of their goalies were injured. It was a magical moment, one that seemed pluck right out of the silver screen, as Ayres geared up to play against the Leafs. 

What made the night even more heartwarming was the reaction from the fans. It wasn't just Hurricane fans that celebrated the father of three's spirit. It seemed that everyone was cheering him on.

"I didn't expect the whole Carolina team waiting for me to get on the ice. I also didn't expect the fans in Toronto to be cheering for me," Ayres told Global News.

Although Aryes later added that he was worried that Toronto fans were merely celebrating the fact that him subbing in would give them a better chance at winning.

"I wasn't sure if they were cheering because I was going in, and they're like, 'oh, this is an easy win for Toronto,' or if they were cheering because I was wearing my Leaf's gear," he said.

Ayres helped Carolina beat the Leafs 6-3 on Saturday night, offering up the perfect storybook ending to an incredible night.

After the game was finished, fans quickly flooded to Twitter to celebrate the hero.

"I'm ready to make emergency goaltender and Zamboni driver David Ayres an honorary North Carolina citizen after a courageous win. Amazing," wrote Roy Cooper, Carolina's Governor.

"My new favourite goalie: David Ayres," added another new fan.

However, it wasn't just Twitter fans that were showing their support. 

According to Global, back in his town of Clarington, neighbours have dubbed the goalie as a hometown hero. 

Moments like these are rare, and it's possible that a Zamboni driver from Ontario could've made the history books over the weekend.