Here in Toronto, we're pretty passionate about life; no matter how big, small or overlooked it may be. Perhaps the best example of the city's respect for life is #DeadRaccoonTO, where citizens created a memorial to commemorate the death of a raccoon on the sidewalk by Yonge and Church last year.

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Sadly, we mourn yet another loss to our Toronto family - a rare white squirrel, known online as "White Squirrel", was found dead in the Trinity Bellwoods park grounds. According to locals, the squirrel could often be seen scurrying around the park on various occasions.

The cause of death is still unknown, but many people suspect it was electrocuted from an overhead wire.

Since the incident, Torontonians have been paying tribute to White Squirrel on Twitter:



Rest in peace to the little fella, and to all the other squirrels of any colour who have passed before him.