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Death Cab For Cutie Is Coming To Toronto This Summer For The Ultimate Mid-2000s Throwback

Death Cab For Cutie will play Echo Beach on June 20th for the ultimate mid-2000s throwback.

Torontonians looking to recapture their past and get reacquainted with their old friend “teenage angst” are in for quite the show this summer. Death Cab For Cutie the seminal early 2000’s emo-band will be hitting the stage at Echo Beach on June 20th. This is sure to be an emotional night for anyone who grew up watching the O.C. or has just been dying to rock their black skinny-jeans one last time before giving them to goodwill.

Unfortunately, while tickets for the nostalgic show aren't hundreds of dollars, they aren’t exactly cheap either. According to Ticketmaster general admission for the show is currently sitting at $89.70 a pop, which is sure to weed the crowd down to a gathering of the band’s most hardcore fans. American singer-songwriter, Jenny Lewis is slated as the band’s opening act, whose moody songs will definitely set the tone for when Death Cab hits the stage.

Although technically a 90’s band, Death Cab For Cutie didn’t hit big until 2003 when their fourth album Transatlanticism struck a chord with the generations youth and broke into the mainstream receiving both critical acclaim and commercial success.

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Death Cab songs went on to be featured in numerous films and television shows. The band followed up the groundbreaking release with 2005’s Plans, which gave the world the band’s hit tearjerker “I Will Follow You Into The Dark.”

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The band is currently touring in support of their album Thank You For Today which was released back in 2017. The record is the first released by the band since the departure Chris Walla, who had served as both a songwriter and guitarist for the band since 1997.

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Anyone looking to relive their glory days of tight jeans and way too much eye-liner should look into buying tickets because Death Cab will definitely deliver on all your emo-rock throwback dreams.

The band is also coming to Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Vancouver later this year