It's always great reuniting with old friends. That was exactly the case for DeMar DeRozan and Pascal Siakam as the former Toronto Raptors teammates faced off on Jan. 12. And, in a pretty emotional moment, DeRozan surprised his buddy by crashing his postgame press scrum.

While he spoke with reporters after the game, Spicy P was interrupted by Deebo. The latter had just helped his San Antonio Spurs defeat the Raps 105-104 at Scotiabank Arena.

The former Raptor put on a show against his former pals, dominating with 25 points, eight rebounds, four assists, and two steals, according to Sportsnet.

But while he didn't hold back against his ex-team on the court, he showed plenty of love off it. Although his interaction with Siakam was short-lived, the two bros were clearly delighted to see each other and hugged it out.

In the short clip, Spicy P is speaking to reporters about how the game played out. Suddenly, he gets giddy as DeRozan steps in to give him a hug.

The heartwarming interaction was just too wholesome and was even enough for Siakam to even forget what he was asked by reporters.

Take a look at the cuteness below, beginning at around the one-minute mark. No, we don't need a tissue, why do you ask?

The two were always likely to have a sweet reunion.

Particularly after Spicy shared how excited he was to reunite with DeRozan on the court and "relive" their "brotherhood," when he spoke with reporters on January 10.

And after Deebo's game-winning performance on Sunday night, he took the chance to return the favour, speaking highly of Siakam while talking to reporters.

"I was always making fun of Pascal but you know, I still do to this day, like I said it's great to see how far he came," said DeRozan.

Quietly, we reckon Deebo will have enjoyed his stellar performance, particularly after fans suggesting this season that Siakam may have already eclipsed him as a Raptor.

His warm fuzzies with his buddies didn't end there, though.

DeRozan not only surprised Spicy P but also, of course, didn't miss the chance to meet up with BFF Kyle Lowry.

Not only did Deebo and KLow dominate the court during their time together in the 6ix, but they were also (and remain) thick as thieves off of it.

DeRozan made sure to greet everyone on his beloved team,  not just his particular pals.

Ultimately, the love for DeMar is always going to be there in Toronto, particularly after he said recently that being traded to the 6ix was the best thing to ever happen to his career.

His legacy is secure, his relationships with current Raptors stars are clearly brotherly, and he put on a show for his former fans on Sunday night.

Time to fire up those return trade talks again?