Could DeMar DeRozan be coming back to Toronto? After the way things ended between the star and the Raptors, it might seem unlikely. After an NBA executive said Toronto is a good potential destination for the current San Antonio Spurs player, DeMar DeRozan trade talks have Toronto fans calling BS.

An NBA Western Conference exec. told HoopsHype that the Raptors could be a logical team if the Spurs are thinking about moving him.

“It sounds crazy, but Toronto actually makes a lot of sense as a landing spot for DeRozan,” the unnamed official said.

The NBA player's name has been increasingly mentioned in recent weeks as a potential likely trade for the Spurs. The Texas franchise is struggling in the west and there is talk they plan to rebuild the team around their younger players.

Many teams were mentioned as potential teams for DeRozan, and it was suggested the 6ix could be a possibility after the team became NBA champions this year.

In terms of the players the Raptors might have to give up to attract their former member, the quoted exec. cited two first-team stars as potential bait.

“As far as what Toronto would have to give up, it would probably have to be a first-round pick plus Serge Ibaka or Marc Gasol,” the executive suggested.

DeRozan's name still carries a lot of weight in Canada and the Ontario capital after his long career with the city's NBA team.

And Raptors fans were quick to have their say on the idea of their former hero returning.

The strong feeling appeared to be that trading for DeRozan wouldn't actually make much sense given their improvement since he left.

“Toronto is better off without him in all honesty,” read one tweet.

Maybe this isn't surprising. Just last week, after all, fans were suggesting that Pascal Siakam is a much better player than DeRozan ever was.

Although fans might not be excited if this is a trade that could happen, the Spurs player once said that being traded to Toronto was his most peak moment in his career.

Being traded back to a team that just won their first championship without him might be too awkward, anyway. The shooting guard admitted he couldn't even watch the Raptors championship ceremony.

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