Kevin Hart Really Asked DeMar DeRozan If He'd Flip Off Kawhi Leonard (VIDEO)

Hot questions in cold baths.
DeMar DeRozan Was Asked If He'd Flip Off Kawhi In New Series Of Kevin Hart's Show

If you ever wondered how DeMar DeRozan feels about Kawhi Leonard, you may want to keep an eye out for the season of Kevin Hart's show Cold As Balls. The trailer for the third season has dropped, and it features ex-Toronto Raptors star DeRozan among its selection of athletes. In an effort, perhaps, to spark some Kawhi-DeRozan drama, Hart asks DeRo: "Have you ever thought about flipping Kawhi off?" 

Hart's Cold As Balls, which features the comedian and actor interviewing a range of sportspeople while both are sat in an ice bath, is about to kick off its third season.

According to Variety, the third season of the sports/comedy talk show will include people like Dennis Rodman, Oklahoma City Thunder's Chris Paul, Fox Sports reporter Erin Andrews, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, and former NBA stars Charles Oakley and J.R. Smith, just to name a few.

It also features San Antonio Spurs player DeRozan, clearly.

And it seems he's asked about Kawhi, the man who was traded to Toronto in exchange for DeRozan (and others).

Kawhi, of course, immediately led the Raptors to their first title in his only season in the 6ix, ensuring the team's greatest success came just after DeRozan was pushed out the door.

In the short trailer clip released last week, Hart asks whether DeRozan has "ever thought about flipping Kawhi off."

Now, this is where we're left speculating. The only response we see DeRozan give is to laugh off the question, so you'll have to wait to see DeRo's full response.

You could forgive him if he was a bit pissed off at the situation, although we doubt Hart offends people easily.

There's no doubt spending 10 years in a city he came to call home then being traded away before the team hit true success, could have caused some frustration for DeRozan.

After all, DeRozan did say that being transferred to Toronto was his peak moment, and he admitted he couldn't even watch the Raptors' championship ceremony

He's also having to deal with the fickle nature of being a fan favourite.

It seems Torontonians have moved on from their former hero, particularly with many Raptors fans now suggesting Pascal Siakam has already overtaken DeRozan as a Raptor.

The full video hasn't been aired just yet so if you're wondering what DeRozan answered Hart, you'll just have to keep an eye out until the episode is released. 

The new season of Cold As Balls began on November 12, 2019, and new episodes are available on YouTube every Tuesday on the Laugh Out Loud Network's YouTube channel.

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